We began by designing and manufacturing enhanced technical solutions with an innovative flare, focusing on Law Enforcement, U.S. Military, Security Companies, and the Casino Industries. As a result, our approach has given birth to some of the best-known accessories in the two-way radio market, including the T Series Surveillance Microphones and the S Series Remote Speaker Microphones. Astra Radio Communications now designs and engineers a full line of products specifically for highly demanding applications. We are also recognized worldwide for superior performance and innovative products. Our products include G Series Lapel Microphones, B Series Boom Microphones, S Series Remote Speaker Microphones, T Series Surveillance/Throat Microphones, and Listen Only Earpiece.
As a manufacturer and distributor of tactical communication and related equipment, we are intimately involved with the design, quality and service that go into every Earphone Connection product. Our wide range of audio accessories include: Lapel, Throat, Bone Conduction, Surveillance, Speaker and Noise Cancellation Microphones. We also offer Wireless push-to-talk systems, listen only earphones and various other earphone accessories.
Impact Radio Accessories
IMPACT Radio Accessories™ is a privately held Corporation with headquarters in the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada. U.S. deliveries and international fulfillment are handled by our Wilmington, NC distribution center.